Through the Eyes of a Goddess

I remember writing this poem in my early 20s, primarily because I truly felt that NO ONE ever saw the GOD in me.

They only saw “physical” attributes – the way walked, the curviness of my hips or breasts….but never me.

Men simply replaced the face of my abuser. But, that was love, right? I mean that’s what I was taught by my abuser. That’s how I was shown ‘love.’ From the age of four “SEX WAS NORMAL.”

Through The Eyes of a Goddess

Your Secret is Revealed…

With the softness of whispers

I boldly Say to thee

Why Do You Say “I Love You

your words are Void, empty, untrue.

Is it the EXQUISITE beauty

within my soul You seek.

or the humble way

I Honor OUR Creator

on bended knee.

is it the Lust within your Loins

That make you FEIN for Me **

Is it the Quiet way that I pray for you

Throughout the THICKNESS of Night fall

Or Simply the HARDNESS of your bronzed

colored Manhood and idol thoughts

That makes you throb So Rhythmically…

Is it my Fierce Loyalty

to OUR Dreams, Passions & Desires

My zeal to share ‘life’….longing to be with you

Walking hand-in-hand

in absolute fellowship of Christ…

Or is it JUST the way my WOMANHOOD

Receives You….

**** Warm, Wet, Deliciously **** 

Not a Proverbs 31 Queen

But some side chick wanna

Metaphorically, I say to thee…

Its Not Hidden Beauty or HONOR You Seek –

Nor is it the GOD in me


Its the Curvature of MY perfect THICKNESS

The roundness of my supple, sweet breasts

The creaminess of my Flawless Brown Skin

and Softness of My Succulently Round Lips

***That KEEPS your Attention***

For we BOTH know

That You Do NOT Love Me *


Your EVERY Fantasy…..

But just so you know……

I AM what you should wish every woman

to be —

Intellectually Sensual,



A GODLY woman on bended knee

For I represent all of God’s children…


Published by Spiritual Beauty Through Brokenness

A Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse of almost 20 years, pursuing a Master’s of Art Degree (M.Div.) specializing in Healthcare Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Crisis Counseling. I am also a spiritual survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which led to severe teenage depression, suicidal ideation and emotional loss. Healthcare Chaplaincy areas of interest: Clinical Depression, PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Palliative Care and Death & Dying.

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