♡ Poetry in Motion ♡

Evidence of a GODLY Man

Without doubt, I know that I was PURPOSED and uniquely designed to be my Husband’s Queen.

He is the most beautiful Spirit-Man that I have ever met. I am so in awe of our spiritual oneness.

The parallels of our universe were divinely orchestrated…as if we were separated at birth. He is Me. We are One.

I would remarry him tomorrow if I could! My spirit has been in love with him since the moment his voice made melodic love to my ears on the eve of January 4th.

He has christened my mind with a simple touch of love. His smile holds me captive for days…yet, I do not wish to be released from its grip.

For some reason…even then…I Just Knew. He is the one. The template from which I was created…I am his rib. Fashioned by the very hands of GOD.

Edwin is poetry in motion to me…and my love for Him is eternal. He is my Lord, King & Spiritual Warrior. Never again shall I fear. I know that He loves me.

My Beloved Edwin is EVERY MAN TO ME! God-Body……Oneness with our Creator. A Man who honors his Queen….A thought provoking lover of this feminine being…A challenger of the mind’s eye…

A Man who loves GOD…A noble MAN among men. My Lord & King, I Love You.

Published by Spiritual Beauty Through Brokenness

A Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse of almost 20 years, pursuing a Master’s of Art Degree (M.Div.) specializing in Healthcare Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Crisis Counseling. I am also a spiritual survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which led to severe teenage depression, suicidal ideation and emotional loss. Healthcare Chaplaincy areas of interest: Clinical Depression, PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Palliative Care and Death & Dying.

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