Foreshadows of Things To Come

Our GOD, is so amazing.

His presence in all things continue to resonate into Honor, Glory, Gratefulness and Gratitude for the way He demonstrate His unconditional love for me.

Last night with my Beloved Husband was so spiritually beautiful, that I have no words…. As I reflect on all of the divinely orchestrated flickers of majestic moments intimately created just for my Beloved and I, I remain humbly in awe! I am astounded by our LORD’s unselfish love for us. If I could have taken a picture, and soundbite of that moment in time, it would complement the visual art work of double rainbows – majestically! I now know that when the LORD guides me to mental images of my spoken word…lyrically….it then becomes a hint of revelation…a foreshadowing of moments that will come to pass. I love you Father.

Published by Spiritual Beauty Through Brokenness

A Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse of almost 20 years, pursuing a Master’s of Art Degree (M.Div.) specializing in Healthcare Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Crisis Counseling. I am also a spiritual survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which led to severe teenage depression, suicidal ideation and emotional loss. Healthcare Chaplaincy areas of interest: Clinical Depression, PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Palliative Care and Death & Dying.

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