Foreshadows of Things To Come

Our GOD, is so amazing.

His presence in all things continue to resonate into Honor, Glory, Gratefulness and Gratitude for the way He demonstrate His unconditional love for me.

Last night with my Beloved Husband was so spiritually beautiful, that I have no words…. As I reflect on all of the divinely orchestrated flickers of majestic moments intimately created just for my Beloved and I, I remain humbly in awe! I am astounded by our LORD’s unselfish love for us. If I could have taken a picture, and soundbite of that moment in time, it would complement the visual art work of double rainbows – majestically! I now know that when the LORD guides me to mental images of my spoken word…lyrically….it then becomes a hint of revelation…a foreshadowing of moments that will come to pass. I love you Father.

♡ Poetry in Motion ♡

Evidence of a GODLY Man

Without doubt, I know that I was PURPOSED and uniquely designed to be my Husband’s Queen.

He is the most beautiful Spirit-Man that I have ever met. I am so in awe of our spiritual oneness.

The parallels of our universe were divinely orchestrated…as if we were separated at birth. He is Me. We are One.

I would remarry him tomorrow if I could! My spirit has been in love with him since the moment his voice made melodic love to my ears on the eve of January 4th.

He has christened my mind with a simple touch of love. His smile holds me captive for days…yet, I do not wish to be released from its grip.

For some reason…even then…I Just Knew. He is the one. The template from which I was created…I am his rib. Fashioned by the very hands of GOD.

Edwin is poetry in motion to me…and my love for Him is eternal. He is my Lord, King & Spiritual Warrior. Never again shall I fear. I know that He loves me.

My Beloved Edwin is EVERY MAN TO ME! God-Body……Oneness with our Creator. A Man who honors his Queen….A thought provoking lover of this feminine being…A challenger of the mind’s eye…

A Man who loves GOD…A noble MAN among men. My Lord & King, I Love You.